Choose your font journey.

March 19, 20232 min read



Text legibility matters a whole lot to me. Whenever I need to read a book on Apple books, an article on Matter, or a blog post on Substack, I always ensure that the font is one that is legible. Easy on my eyes. Legible enough that I don't need to struggle while reading it.

I want that experience to be on this site as well. At the moment, the font is set to DM MONO which looks very good as a header font but is not the best for body text.

I want to change that. I want a more legible font pairing but I haven't been able to find one that I like. A lot of good fonts out there are legible but they don't look good. I want a font that is legible and looks good.

So right now, I have decided that instead of finding the "right font", I am gonna allow explorers of this site choose their own fonts. Basically, a choose your adventure.]

How to choose your font

You can select your prefered font from the toggle button on the top right corner of the site.

font options

  • default: DM Mono
  • choice 2: Inter
  • choice 3: Satoshi and erode
  • choice 4: System ui


Right now, my effort would be on making the font toggle work properly without harming the site's performance. My goal is to create my personal garden that is also accessible. I am gonna be adding more options to the font toggle as time goes on.

thank you for reading.